at his garage

April 11, 2020 His garage in the alley between 14th and 15th Duluth, MN After 5p on a Saturday, overcast, 50 degrees, cool breeze It’s April now and he is working on the starter of his black ‘97 Jeep Cherokee. He’s also putting in a new battery. He went to the store to buy these […]

One & Only

One & Only Bar St. George . Utah 9:30P – warm, still air Original text: There are four pool tables here, all taken and none seeming very approachable, which is too bad because that is the main reason I walked over from my motel on the other end of the strip. It’s this combination of […]

hot prayers

October 4, 2021 New Orleans – unforgivingly hot and humid. It strikes me. We are in the St. Louis Cathedral, two of maybe a dozen people mulling about. It’s cool in here, thank God (I thank God). A man who appears slightly disturbed by something lays mumbling to himself a few pews over from me. […]

At the TriBeCa Dog Park

October 22, 2018 Dog Park – TriBeCa          Here at the dog park again. A cold, late October morning. “Bark, bark, bark,” says a dog named Roxy. I think my days here are limited. Teddy’s booties keep falling off and it’s a real pain to continue putting them on over and over again. There’s a […]

from april, for you

Been in a real deep mood. Been in a real red wine and cigarettes mood. Been in a real stare at the wall for hours on end kind of mood. A real dark mood. Two feet on the ground and drifting hard. Two feet on the ground and far, far away from myself. A shadow […]

some short notes from a journal

Various New York City Locations, 2017   “I heard a man tell another man that his mom died at a Walmart after choking on a hotdog.” ~ “This was body language and the body doesn’t lie.” ~ “I feel bad about everything, but I had fun.” -Amanda ~ “This place smells like what I imagine […]

on the beach

“It feels like I am the closest I could be to being in space,” a man in the water says. “You are in space,” I say to him, but more to myself because he cannot hear me. We are in space.

many tickles and a few licks

September 10, 2016   Hot outside, Hot everywhere. I am hot, we are hot. Kinda drunk too.   A quarter to ten at night on the subway train with two bananas. In a white van under a bridge at a van party in Williamsburg. “I didn’t know this would be such a sausage party,” Amanda […]

One Night in Clarion pt.1

September 29, 2016 Clarion, Pennsylvania A quarter to 6:00p – Motel 8 – room 217 – rain   This place is the real deal. My intention was to drive all the way to New York City today but there is a strange noise coming from the front driver’s side wheel on my truck so I […]