i am at the park looking over the lake and there are two women in front of me.

each of them appears to be around the age of 60.

sometimes it is hard to say.

one of them talks about living in the midwest, chicago.

“that was for a decade,” she says.

a freelance writer and high school teacher of german and english.

her hair is short, dark and very curly.

her grandson is with her and he was born in the march of 2014.

he plays quietly in light blue denim shorts.

the woman she talks has very long hair.

her face is aged.

10 or so inches coming from the roots are silver.

another 10 inches fades to a color dark like wet tobacco.

she listens kindly to the woman from chicago while petting a golden retriever named biscuits.

life seems nice today, at the beach.


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