many tickles and a few licks

September 10, 2016


Hot outside,

Hot everywhere.

I am hot, we are hot. Kinda drunk too.


A quarter to ten at night on the subway train with two bananas.

In a white van under a bridge at a van party in Williamsburg.

“I didn’t know this would be such a sausage party,” Amanda says.

I don’t see any sausages. We are all illuminated by a pink light in the back of this thing.

A quarter to midnight – feeling real good.

Many tickles and a few licks. Still in the back of a van under a bridge in Williamsburg.

“Tried my best just to be a man.”

People are licking hands now.

We touch tongues.

A quarter after midnight, on the train again. Chatter and a stick of doublemint.



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