from spring

June. The Chihuahua taco truck is running hot. They do not serve Chihuahua tacos. It is pulling out of the parking lot now and I wonder how many emissions are being paraded into the atmosphere. Just wonder. I am leaving and this is only the beginning. As always, what I shall encounter I do not […]


I am at a restaurant and it is the sixteenth of May and I am with a friend and wearing a new pair of sandals and I have a crush on a person who writes holding the tip of his pen with the tips of his fingers and I am drinking a mojito and I […]

violet pt.ii

there is a family having a picnic next to me and they are all extraordinarily obese. eating hotdogs and drinking soda. many hotdogs and many sodas. cigarettes too. there is a walker perched nearby. trusty steed. yelling. they are yelling. the youngest is a girl named hannah. possibly anna. it’s hard to tell because i […]


i am at the park looking over the lake and there are two women in front of me. each of them appears to be around the age of 60. sometimes it is hard to say. one of them talks about living in the midwest, chicago. “that was for a decade,” she says. a freelance writer […]

home again

here i am. minnesota. we meet again. i have come to greatly dislike being asked why i am here. no, it is not exciting. and no, i do not want to talk about it. not now. i am processing. quietly. considering life. quietly. contemplating the many mysteries. quietly. i’ve spent so much of the past […]


“she kisses him with her eyes open and that sucks.” a little background here – i wrote this while sitting in a bar — alone — on my 21st birthday. it is less than monumental and i relate.