bone moon

here comes midnight, all. with the full moon in its jaws. full, tonight, in leo. this february full moon is traditionally referred to as the snow moon, or bone moon. why? one may ask. well, first, because this is typically the time of year when the northern hemisphere in the western world receives the most […]

people come and people go and that is just the way it is. i don’t know what else to say about it right now, but i should. i think about it all of the time. we arrive places and we leave only to arrive at another place. we are born and we die. we see […]

i am no poet.

moments like these when my heart is thumping like a mad horse explode. moments like these when my mind is jumping like a frightened rabbit run. moments like these when my blood is flowing like a wild spring river evaporate. moments like these when my breath is blowing like the gale force winds dissolve. moments […]

what ever, david.

We met him on a train. In the lounge car. I was talking in a bizarre accent and told him my name was Penny. Actually, I told him my name is Halee, but I said it in that bizarre accent and he thought I said Penny. I went with it. To him, I was Penny. What ever. […]

the shortest day

happy winter solstice, all. a magical day. the shortest day, as a matter of fact, in the northern hemisphere’s lunar year. joy. the north pole is farthest from the sun. take a walk, make a potion. do what you must to celebrate. christmas has got nothing on the planets.


i must say, there are few times that i feel more alive than when i am learning about the lives of people i do not know. i could spend hours reading about strangers’ lives. anything and everything about them i find fascinating. absolutely mind-blowing. you, me, all of us. we are all just going about, doing […]